Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 5 sessions / 4 weeks, 2 hours / session


Permission of instructor.


Instrumental neutron activation analysis is a non-destructive analytical technique for the determination of elemental abundances at trace levels in a wide variety of geological, biological, environmental and industrial samples. In this course, students will get to know this technique which was used to analyze the lunar rock samples and is now widely used in environmental pollution studies.

Students will visit the instrumental neutron activation analysis facility, which is focused on trace element analyses of wide variety of samples. Experts are available and interested in obtaining high quality data for projects of interested users.


Students will attend five 2-hour class sessions. Students will be expected to write a report based upon a survey or the current literature, and also do a presentation. There will be a take home review assignment of 10 questions.


activities percentageS
Class Attendance and Participation 25%
Review Assignment (10 Questions) 25%
Report: Literature Survey 25%
Presentation of Report 25%

Required percentage to pass this course is 85%.