1 Introductory Remarks; Course Structure and Content

Seminar Consisting of Three Talks for the International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry (IMOG)
2 Acetogenic Lipids and their Fossil Counterparts; Chain-length, Branching Systematics and Isotopic Compositions - Indicators of Biological Sources; Algeanans; Functional Roles; Branched Alkanes with Quaternary Carbon Centers (BAQCs); Geological Patterns of Occurrence
3 Seminar on Biomarkers and Earth's Redox History
4 Isoprenoid Lipids; Biosynthesis; Isomerism and other Structural Aspects; Archaeal and Non-archaeal Sources; Structure vs. Physiology; Bicyclic and Tricyclic Isoprenoids; other Cyclised Polyprenoids; Geological Record First term paper issued
5 Seminar on Acyclic Isoprenoids
6 Analytical Techniques for Biomarker Analysis
7 Continued Lecture on Analytical Techniques
8 Steroids; Biosynthetic Issues; Formation by Bacteria and Eukaryotes; Role of Oxygen

Sterol to Sterane Diagenesis; Biomarkers for Source and Maturity in Fossil Organic Molecules (OM); Age-related Changes in Occurrence and Paleoenvironmental Indicators
9 Seminar on Steroids
10 Continuing Lecture on Steroids
11 Seminar on Isotopic and Molecular Indicators for a Biogenic Origin of Organic Matter Second term paper issued
12 Mono-, Sesqui-, di- and Triterpenoids 1; Biosynthetic Issues; Bacteria and Eukaryotes; Bacteriohopanepolyols (BHP); Analytical Issues; Phylogeny and Physiology vs. Structure; BHP to Hopane Diagenesis; Biomarkers for Source, Maturity of OM
13 Seminar on Triterpenoids
14 Diterpenoids and Triterpenoids 2; Plant-derived Terpenoids; Biomarkers for an Evolving Ocean Plankton

Biomarkers Diagnostic of Geological Age
First term paper due
15 Pigment-derived Biomarkers; Porphyrins and Carotenoids
16 Seminar on the Permian-Triassic Boundary Extinction
17 Seminar on Pigment-derived Biomarkers
18 Diagenesis and Catagenesis; OM Preservation; Kerogen Formation

Role of Reduced Sulfur
19 Petroleum Formation, Occurrence and Characterization
20 Seminar on Neoproterozoic Glaciations
21 Seminar on Atmospheric Oxygen Evolution, Paleo-ocean Chemistry, and Biomarkers
22 Kerogen; Experimental Approaches to Classification and Structural Analysis; Rock Eval; Pyrolysis and Chemical Degradation Second term paper due