Lecture Notes

Lec # Topics Lecturers Lecture notes
1 Introduction Rick O'Connell and Bill McDonough (PDF) (Courtesy of Richard O'Connell and William McDonough. Used with permission.)
2 Melting and Differentiation Tim Grove  
3 Basics of Convection Rick O'Connell and Brad Hager (PDF) (Courtesy of Richard O'Connell and Bradford Hager. Used with permission.)
4 Isotope Systems and Geochemistry Stan Hart (PDF) (Courtesy of Stan Hart and scribed by Jamie Kellogg.  Used with permission.)
5 More on Mantle Dynamics Brad Hager, Rick O'Connell, Louise Kellogg (PDF) (Courtesy of Shijie Zhong. Used with permission.)
6 Seismology Part I: Subduction Zones Rob Van Der Hilst (PDF)
7 Constraints from Noble Gas Data on Mantle Mixing Louise Kellogg and Stein Jacobsen  
8 Seismology Part II: Constraints on Mantle Structure from Global Tomography Rob Van Der Hilst  
9 Open Discussion of Issues    
10 Mantle Stratification (or lack thereof) Tom Jordan  
11 Student Presentation of Research Proposals (Final Assignment)