Students are required to write a modest term paper (not to exceed 10 pages) on a theme related to the class. These are most likely to be applications of some methodology to real data, or a theoretical extension of a standard result.

Examples of Term Projects from Prior Years

A Field-Based Approach to Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (how to determine currents and voltages on power lines using only emitted radiation)

Stability Analysis of COFFEE Applied to a Small Nonlinear Model (about a form of ensemble Kalman filter---theory)

Steady and Time-dependent State Estimation for a Tracer Box Model

EOF Analysis on the Temperature-Anomalies - Surface and Thermocline (EOF means 'empirical orthogonal function' and they are related to the singular value decomposition)

Ocean Circulation Estimation (how to do it)

Multi-pass Backscatterd Radar Retrieval Algorithm for Soil Moisture Measurement

A Synthetic Experiment for HYDROS (HYDROS is a yet-to-be-launched spacecraft)

Application of Optimal Estimators in the Determination of the Surface Fluxes of Atmospheric Methyl Chloride

Application of Linearized Kalman Filter to Unsaturated Flow in Soils

Inferring Atmospheric Aerosol Optical Properties from Satellite Backscattered Radiances Using the Adjoint of a Toy Radiative Transfer Model

An SVD Analysis of Surface Enthalpy Fluxes during Active-Break Cycles of the South Asian Monsoon