1 Introduction

Course Introduction, Review of Modern Biology I

Abstraction Level 1: Sequence

Introduction to Bioinformatics Laboratory / Bioinformatics in the Computer Industry
2 Abstraction Level 1: Sequence

Review of Modern Biology II

Sequence Analysis: Motif and Regulation
Lab 1 handed out
3 Abstraction Level 1: Sequence

Sequence Analysis: Genes and Genome

Sequence Analysis: Gene Evolution
4 Abstraction Level 2: Expression

Microarray Expression Data Analysis

Machine Learning: Bayesian Methodologies
Lab 1 due

Lab 2 handed out
5 Abstraction Level 2: Expression

Bioinformatics in the Biotech Industry

Abstraction Level 4: Systems/Misc

Control and Feedback in Systems
6 Abstraction Level 4: Systems/Misc

Scale-free Networks I

Scale-free Networks II
Lab 2 due

Lab 3 handed out
7 Abstraction Level 3: Proteomics

Statistical Models and Stochastic Processes in Proteomics

Signal Processing for Proteomics
8 Abstraction Level 3: Proteomics

Biological Methods, Automation, Robotics


Project Discussion and Wrap-up
Final project due

Lab 3 due