This section contains MATLAB® scripts, and resulting outputs, which help to demonstrate principles of electrodynamics covered in the course.

1 Hertzian Dipole (MP4)

Matlab® Script, dipole.m (M)
2 Parallel Plate Waveguide Movies and Matlab® Scripts
3 Wave Propagation in Free Space (MP4)

Matlab® Script, media.m (M)
4 Right-handed Elliptically Polarized Wave (MP4)
5 Left-handed Elliptically Polarized Wave (MP4)
6 Normal Modes On Transmission Lines (MP4 - 9.5MB)
7 VSWP of a Quarter Wave Transformer for the Matched Case (MP4)
8 VSWP of a Quarter Wave Transformer for the Mismatched Case (MP4)
9 Wave in a very Lossy Medium (MP4)

Matlab® Script, media.m (M)
10 Wave in a Plasma Medium (MP4)

Matlab® Script, media.m (M)
11 Propagation of a UPW Through a Rectangular Aperture: (MP4)
12 Resonator, res.m (M)

High-Q (MP4 - 5.6MB), Low-Q (MP4 - 5.5MB)

Resonator Structure (PDF)
13 Transients on Transmission Lines (MPEG - 4.4MB)
14 Reflection Coefficients, refl_coef.m (M)
15 3D Dipole Array Patterns, dparray3.m (M)