Lecture Notes

Lecture notes are provided below. You can also access all the This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.lecture notes as one file (PDF - 3.5MB)

Lecture # Lecture Notes
1 No lecture notes
2 This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.Lecture 2: Image Formation, Perspective Projection, Time Derivative, Motion Field (PDF)
3 Lecture 3: Time to Contact, Focus of Expansion, Direct Motion Vision Methods, Noise Gain (PDF)
4 Lecture 4: Fixed Optical Flow, Optical Mouse, Constant Brightness Assumption, Closed Form Solution (PDF)
5 Lecture 5: TTC and FOR MontiVision Demos, Vanishing Point, Use of VPs in Camera Calibration (PDF)
6 Lecture 6: Photometric Stereo, Noise Gain, Error Amplification, Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors Review (PDF)
7 Lecture 7: Gradient Space, Reflectance Map, Image Irradiance Equation, Gnomonic Projection (PDF)
8 Lecture 8: Shape from Shading, Special Cases, Lunar Surface, Scanning Electron Microscope, Green's Theorem in Photometric Stereo (PDF)
9 Lecture 9: Shape from Shading, General Case - From First Order Nonlinear PDE to Five ODEs (PDF)
10 Lecture 10: Characteristic Strip Expansion, Shape from Shading, Iterative Solutions (PDF)
11 Lecture 11: Edge Detection, Subpixel Position, CORDIC, Line Detection (US 6,408,109) (PDF)
12 Lecture 12: Blob Analysis, Binary Image Processing, Use of Green's Theorem, Derivative and Integral as Convolutions (PDF)
13 Lecture 13: Object Detection, Recognition and Pose Determination, PatQuick (US 7,016,539) (PDF)
14 Lecture 14: Inspection in PatQuick, Hough Transform, Homography, Position Determination, Multi-Scale (PDF)
15 Lecture 15: Alignment, Recognition in PatMax, Distance Field, Filtering and Sub-Sampling (US 7,065,262) (PDF)
16 Lecture 16: Fast Convolution, Low Pass Filter Approximations, Integral Images (US 6,457,032) (PDF)
17 Lecture 17: Photogrammetry, Orientation, Axes of Inertia, Symmetry, Absolute, Relative, Interior, and Exterior Orientation (PDF)
18 Lecture 18: Rotation and How to Represent It, Unit Quaternions, the Space of Rotations (PDF)
19 This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.Lecture 19: Absolute Orientation in Closed Form, Outliers and Robustness, RANSAC (PDF)
20 Lecture 20: Space of Rotations, Regular Tessellations, Critical Surfaces in Motion Vision and Binocular Stereo (PDF)
21 Lecture 21: Relative Orientation, Binocular Stereo, Structure from Motion, Quadrics, Camera Calibration, Reprojection (PDF)
22 Lecture 22: Exterior Orientation, Recovering Position and Orientation, Bundle Adjustment, Object Shape (PDF)
23 Lecture 23: Gaussian Image and Extended Gaussian Image, Solids of Revolution, Direction Histograms, Regular Polyhedra (PDF)