Week 1: Introduction: The NLP Enterprise, from Words to Meaning
1 Introduction, Organization, Laboratories, Course Overview: Introduction to NLP, Main Issues, fsa's
Week 2: Word Modeling: Automata and Linguistics
2 Linguistics: Phonology and Morphology I, 2-Level Morphology, Kimmo Lab 1a Out (Introduction: Processing Words)
3 Linguistics: Phonology and Morphology II Lab 1b Out (Processing Spanish Words)
Week 3: Word Modeling: Statistical Approaches and Part of Speech Tagging
No lecture
4 HMM Tagging, Statistical Transformation Rule-Based Tagging, Precision, Recall, Accuracy
Week 4: Linguistics and Grammars; Parsing Algorthms I
5 Part of Speech Tagging: The Brill Tagger Lab 1 Due
6 Introduction to Parsing, Linguistics: Syntax & Parsing
Week 5: Parsing Algorithms II
7 Shift-Reduce Parsers in Detail, Earley's Algorithm and Chart Parsing
8 Context-Free Parsing and Beyond: Efficiency Issues, Feature-Based Parsing, NL System Design
Week 6: Parsing Algorithms and The Lexicon
9 Shift-Reduce Parsers in Detail, Earley's Algorithm and Chart Parsing Lab 2 Out
10 Parsing With an Integrated Lexicon - The Question of Syntactic Features
Week 7: Semantic Interpretation
11 Semantic Interpretation I: Compositionality
12 Semantic Interpretation II: Compositionality and Quantifiers Lab 2 Due

Lab 3 Out
Week 8: Feature Parsing; Tree Banks and Probabilistic Parsing
13 Semantics III: Lexical Semantics
14 Semantics IV: Lexical Semantics
Week 9: Semantics II
15 Semantics V: Constraint-Based Systems
16 Semantics V: Constraint-Based Systems Lab 3 Due
Week 10: Machine Translation I and II
17 Machine Translation I
18 Machine Translation II
Week 11: Machine Translation III
19 Machine Translation III
Week 12: Machine Translation IV
Project Discussion Day
20 Machine Translation IV
Week 13: Language Learning
21 Language Learning I
22 Language Learning II
Week 14: Evolutionary Models of Language Learning and Origins
23 Computational Models of Language Change, I
24 Computational Models of Language Change and The Origins of Language Final Project Due