1 Interactive Proofs and Zero-Knowledge Proofs
2 The Notion of Zero-Knowledgeness
3 Zero-Knowledge Proofs (cont.)
4 ZK Proofs and Proofs of Knowledge
5 ZK Proofs for all of NP
6 Power and Efficiency of ZK
7 Variations on ZK
8 Communication Efficiency for NP Arguments
9 A Bounded NIZK Proof System for a Special Language
10 Non-Interactive ZK Proofs for all of NP
11 Generalizing Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs
12 Improved Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge
13 NIZK and the Lunchtime Attack
14 Lunchtime and Chosen Ciphertext Security
15 A Practical CCA-2 PK Cryptosystem
16 Defining ZK Proofs of Knowledge
17 Mutually Independent Commitments
18 Concurrent Zero-Knowledge
19 Concurrent Zero-Knowledge in Polylogarithmic Rounds
20 Secure Multi-Party Computation in the HBC Model
21 Compiling an Honest but Curious Protocol
22 Multi-Party Computation with Perfect Channels