The table below provides information on the course's lecture (L), recitation (R), quiz (Q) and project (P) sessions.

L1 Overview
R1 Discussion of Readings
L2 iPAQ, Python®, Connectivity Problem set 1 out
L3 Socket Programming and Bluetooth
R2 Discussion of Readings (cont.)

Bluetooth Tutorial Slides
L4 More Bluetooth Problem set 1 due

Problem set 2 out
L5 Location - GPS
L6 Location - API
L7 Location - Cricket Problem set 2 due

Problem set 3 out
L8 Python® on Series 60 Phones
L9 User Interface GUIs, More Phone Programming Problem set 3 due

Problem set 4 out
L10 Keyboards and GUIs

The Dasher Project
L11 GUIs (cont.)
L12 XWand and Arrays
Q1 Quiz 1
P1 Preliminary Project Presentations Problem set 4 due

Problem set 5 out
L13 Pre-Recorded Speech
R3 Guest Lecturer
L14 Pre-Recorded Speech (cont.) Problem set 5 due

Problem set 6 out
L15 Vision
L16 Kiosk
L17 Sketching
L18 Security
R4 C++ Extensions to Python®
L19 Debugging Problem set 6 due
L20 Publish-Subscribe and Middleware
Q2 Quiz 2
P2 Project Discussions
L21 Human Factors
L22 Distributed Pervasive Applications
L23 Videos of Other Projects
P3 Pervasive Project Presentations
P4 Pervasive Project Presentations (cont.)