Assignment 1

Student Background and Biases (PDF)

Student responses for Assignment 1 (courtesy of the students, and used with permission):

  • Mark Avent (PDF)
  • Gergana Bounova (PDF)
  • Joao Castro (PDF)
  • Michael Hanowsky (PDF)
  • Jijun Lin (PDF)
  • Justin Lindsey (PDF)
  • Dan Livengood (PDF)
  • Kate Martin (PDF)
  • Jehanzeb Noor (PDF)
  • Nirav Shah (PDF)
  • Jaemin Song (PDF)
  • Nandan Sudarsanam (PDF)
  • Karen Tapia-Ahumada (PDF)
  • Roland Weibel (PDF)
  • Robb Wirthlin (PDF)
  • Yingxia Yang (PDF)

Assignment 2

Project Proposals (PDF)

After Assignment 2, about 1/3 of the project proposals were selected for further work, and teams of students with a faculty advisor were created. See the projects page for more information.

Assignment 3

Review of Network Literature (PDF)