Final Project

Dressdown by Mirat Shah

Photograph of Marat Shah’s final project.


Hanging mobile constructed from photographs, index cards, ballpoint pen, silver 24 gauge jewelry wire, plastic, glass, and wood multicolored beads, along with a wire coat hanger.

Student’s Description of her Work

“I do not “buy” clothing in the conventional sense. Rather, I collect it. The articles in my closet are much more than means of cover-up and instead represent a stage in my development, an significant event, a place that has meaning to me, or a person that is close to me. Collectively and without any additional input, my clothing’s stories could give an accurate description of my values, my relationships with others, where I’ve been, and where I might be going.

The aim of this work was to analyze the relationship I have with my clothes by decomposing my wardrobe into individual elements and using with these to construct an image of myself. When selecting articles of clothing to be photographed, I tried hard to select only clothing I would wear on an average day to walk outside of my room. Therefore, something like a team uniform, dance shoes, or a traditional Indian outfit is not included. I didn’t want the project to show me through different roles I play. Instead, I hoped reveal everything I carry with me on the inside using my outside appearance.

When you look at this exhibit, be sure to observe both sides of the project and their relationship. Some things to think about:

  • My clothing seems to tell more stories about females than males. Is this always true of clothing, or is my project unique in this respect?
  • Are some articles of clothing (i.e. jeans vs. a necklace) innately more capable of conveying a story than others?
  • What stories do your clothes tell about you and your world?”
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