Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 1 session / week, 2 hours / session

Course Description

In this interdisciplinary seminar, we will explore a variety of visual and written tools for self exploration and self expression. Through discussion, written assignments, and directed exercises, students will practice utilizing a variety of media to explore and express who they are. Assignments will focus on the nuance and interplay of written and visual elements, with special focus on photography.

Representations of self will include:

  • Personal and Family History
  • How We Portray Ourselves to the World
  • Concepts of Race and Gender
  • How Others See Us
  • Analysis of the World Around Us
  • How History Impacts Who We Are
  • The Values by which We Lead Our Lives
  • How We would Like to Lead Our Lives in the Future

Examples of written expression of self will include letters, emails, blogs, journals, poetry, memoirs, and autobiographies. Examples of photographic representation of self will be demonstrated through self-portraiture, images of one’s environment, image of self taken by others, and images of others taken by self. Students will complete a “portrayal of self” that will synthesize one’s own photography, art, memorabilia, writing, and “found objects” in a cohesive narrative of self. No prior experience with photography is needed.



Summary of Major Assignments

This class requires regular attendance (no more than 3 classes missed), completion of weekly exercises (writing a few paragraphs in one’s journal, collecting one or more pieces of memorabilia, taking one or more pictures), weekly reading and photo assignments, and construction and presentation of a mixed-media portrayal of self.

Basis for Grade

Final Project 30%
Weekly Homework (Including Reading and Assigned Exercises) 20%
Class Participation and In-class Exercises 50%

Course Info

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Spring 2006
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