ES.333 | Spring 2015 | Undergraduate

Producing Educational Videos


Hairy Arm Video

Create a 3–4 minute long “hairy arm video.” The presentation mode is named for the prominent appearance of an arm and hand that draws an image image on chalk/whiteboard or paper. Despite the name, it is not necessary that the arm/hand actually appear in a hairy arm video. The subject matter of the hairy arm video should focus on the same topic as your final product but should also be able to stand on its own as an independent video.

The hairy arm video is the first opportunity for you to engage in the production cycle of a substantial educational video. The content you structure and create may eventually be included in your final project or it could be a complement video. Creating a hairy arm video should allow you to re-envision your project and gain experience tinkering with pace, voice, and lighting.

This video will be due in three parts:

Hairy Arm Script Draft – Due Week 5

Conceive, plan, and draft a script for a 3 to 4 minute long “hairy arm” video that addresses the same topic as your semester video project. The hairy arm video must stand on its own, but it could also be scripted so that it (with minor editing) will fit in as part of the semester project video. This script will require approval from your “technical expert,” so please alert your expert to the approval task.

Preface the script with a brief overview that outlines your intended audience, purpose, message, structure, story, and punch. Include citations when they are warranted.

Hairy Arm Video Draft – Due Week 6

Produce the hairy arm video you have scripted in the previous assignment. As a reminder, the video should focus on you sketching / drawing / writing the solution to a problem related to your semester project topic. Upload the video to YouTube and submit the URL.

Hairy Arm Revised Video – Due Week 7

Based on the feedback you received, revise your hairy arm video. Re-upload the video to YouTube and submit the URL.

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