ES.333 | Spring 2015 | Undergraduate
Producing Educational Videos

Lifestream Video

Create a short video introducing yourself to the ES.333 class, explaining who you are and why you are in this course. The video should focus and shape your internet identity, along with giving you experience with the video production design cycle.

The video will be due in three parts:

Script and Media Components – Due Week 2, Class 1

  1. Collect “all” of the still images of, about, and by you on the internet. If the internet does not seem to have any pixels with your name on them, and / or you have time / inclination, you may include images from your disk drives and the disk drives of friends and family. And you may pull still frames from video.
  2. Curate these images. Pick the images that you want to use to explain who you are. (Point of curiosity, what additional images do you find that you want to expand your internet aura?)
  3. Browse the internet for Creative Commons (CC) licensed music, especially music that you might use in your lifestream project. Music without lyrics may be especially useful but finding the “right” music may take some time to locate. Consider non-music soundscapes in your life and record them if you find them noteworthy.
  4. Curate this music / soundscape.
  5. Write a script to voice-over the images and further focus your identity. The target audience for the resulting video is your fellow classmate. Your purpose is to explain who you are and why you are here. Choose your message, content, structure, punch, and story as you see fit. This script is due during Week 2.

Video Draft – Due Week 2, Class 2

Produce a video using the still images you have curated and the voice-over script you have written. Much of this will be done in class. Upload the video to YouTube and submit the URL. Be sure to cite sources of images and sound that are not your creation.

Revised Video – Due Week 4

Based on feedback, create a revised lifestream video. Begin by prioritizing the revisions you might make to your video over a class period, and then revise your video. Re-upload the video to YouTube and upload the URL.

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