ES.S10 | Spring 2013 | Undergraduate

Drugs and the Brain

Lecture Slides

0 Teaser

Drugs and the Brain teaser (PPT)

Drugs and the Brain teaser (PDF)

1 Introduction

Week 1 lecture slides (PPT)

Week 1 lecture slides (PDF)

2 Drug Mechanisms, Explained with Antidepressants

Week 2 lecture slides (PPT)

Week 2 lecture slides (PDF)

3 Pharmacokinetics Week 3 lecture slides (PDF)
4 Drug Addiction, Dopamine, and Liking vs. Wanting Week 4 lecture slides (PDF)
5 Action Potentials, Alcohol, and Shock Therapies Week 5 lecture slides (PDF)
6 Alcohol Antagonists

Week 6 lecture slides (PPT)

Week 6 lecture slides (PDF)

7 Dose-Response Curves

This session had no lecture slides. 

See the handouts instead. 

8 Anxiety and Sedatives Week 8 lecture slides (PDF)
9 Psychosis, Antipsychotics, and Parkinson’s Disease Week 9 lecture slides (PDF)
10 The Two Dichotomies Week 10 lecture slides (PDF)
11 Recreational Drugs

Week 11 lecture slides (PDF)

Recreational Drugs and Neurotransmitters Chart

12 Appetite and Nausea, Syringes Week 12 lecture slides (PDF)

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