Lecture Notes

Lectures 9 and 23 are provided courtesy of Sgouris Sgouridis and are used with permission.


Introduction: What this class is about, expected learning

Systems: What is a system and why you need to know about it, introduction to systems thinking

2 Systems: Classes of systems (technical, sociotechnical, engineering systems) (PDF)
3 Systems: Sociotechnical systems and introduction to complexity
4 Systems: Complexity and more, with focus on uncertainty
5 Project: Introduction to Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF), the big issues and questions, introduction to resources
6 Systems: CLIOS process (PDF)
7 Systems: CLIOS process (cont.) (PDF)
8 Project: Review of P1 and instructor synthesis of P1; getting organized for the project work; at end of this class, students will have formed into working groups
9 Systems: Critical Contemporary Issues (CCI) (PDF)
10 Systems: What is design? What do we mean by a system design? (PDF)
11 Systems: More on system design, the design aspects of the CLIOS process (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
12 Project: Class discussion on design concepts for the SNF project, system review
13 Mid-term quiz
14 Systems: Models and frameworks (PDF 1) (PDF 2)

Systems: Models and frameworks (cont.)

Discussion of midterm

Project: Team meetings on P2 (PDF)


Systems: Risk assessment

Project: Discussion of P3

17 Systems: Risk assessment (cont.)
18 Project: Team meetings to select strategic alternatives
19 Project: Team meeting with Department of Energy secretary to finalize strategic alternatives
20 Systems: CLIOS stage 3 — implementation
21 Systems: Scenario planning (PDF)
22 Project: Team meetings with Department of Energy secretary to review progress and discuss final report outline
23 Systems: System dynamics 101 (PDF)
24 Project: Rehearsal of final presentations
25 Project final presentation
26 Class summary, systems recap, student evaluations
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