ESD.051J | Fall 2012 | Undergraduate

Engineering Innovation and Design


HW 1: Design Critique

Create a video using Storytelling Machines critiquing the design of a product of your choice.

HW 2: Dieter Rams Reflection

Please review Dieter Rams 10 Principles for Good Design, and consider whether there might be something, or even more than one thing, he left out. This can be an additional principle, if you’d like, or even a rewording of an existing principle. Alternatively, explain (briefly) why you think the current principles are complete, and why you agree with them. Please add or change 2 or 3 principles, or write one brief paragraph about why the principles are already perfect.

HW 3: Stakeholder Analysis

Please perform a stakeholder analysis diagram for the two topics mentioned in lecture. If you cannot use Keynote, PowerPoint, or Omnigraffle for your analysis please submit a scan or a picture instead.

HW 4: Design A Game

Design a game following the guidelines discussed in lecture. Please upload a picture, a file, or some representation of your game to the course site. Bring the physical or digital game to class.

HW 5: Design Reflection: Your AMAZING games!

After reviewing the 10 step design process in detail and seeing your classmates present a few of their games, are there any changes you would make? Are there any hazards or edge cases you didn’t consider? What steps of the 10 step process did you skip? Which ones did you do sub-consciously? Write one to two paragraphs answering these questions. Submit as a pdf for Wednesday.

HW 6: Usability Test

Run a usability test on two subjects as described in the lecture notes.

HW 7: Speech System Transcription

Please call any existing speech system and transcribe, word for word, the systems response to your input in the K-script format. Make sure to mumble, be silent, and give incorrect responses to see how the system reacts. Also develop a state table diagram from your understanding of the system.

HW 8: Initial Pizza System

Please develop an Angel Speech system for a pizza system as described in the attached document.

HW 9: Pizza Project

Upload a pdf portfolio containing both your call flow from last time, the filled out state table diagrams for each state of your system, and the number to your system. For this submission, please record and upload audio for main, time-out, and retry prompts in addition to your variables so that the system no longer uses Text to Speech.

HW 10: Reaction to Sanjay’s Talk

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