Lecture Notes and Videos

Module 1: Principles of Design (1–10)
1 Introduction Lec01 (PDF)

10 Step Design Process; Dieter Rams

Lec02  (PDF)

Research; Stakeholder Analysis

Lec03 (PDF)
4 Articulating Design Lec04 (PDF)
5 Psychology Lec05 (PDF)
6 Psychology (Cont’d) Lec06 (PDF)
7 Dialogue Systems Technology Lec07 (PDF)
8 Usability Lec08 (PDF)
9 Branding Lec09 (PDF)
10 Dialogue System Design

Lec10 (PDF)

Angel Review (PDF - 1.2MB)

Live Weather Data with Angel (PDF)

Recording Audio (PDF - 1.2MB)

Texting with Angel (PDF)

Module 2: Design Is Everywhere (11–18)
11 Creativity Lec11 (PDF)
12 Project Management Lec12 (PDF)
13 Guest Lecture n/a
14 Presentation Skills

Lec14 (PDF)

15 Group Project Success Lec15 (PDF)

Innovation and Ethics; Build a Company

Lec16 Part1 (PDF)

Lec16 Part 2 (PDF)

17 Individual Presentations n/a
18 Individual Presentations (cont.) n/a
Module 3: Group Project / Interdisciplinary Design (19–27)

Buy or Build; Process Improvement

20 Group Project Review Session n/a
21 Helvetica n/a
22 Guest Lecture n/a
23 Guest Lecture / Work-Class n/a
24 Guest Lecture n/a
25 Guest Lecture / Work-Class n/a
26 Group Project Preso. n/a
27 Group Project Preso. (cont.) n/a

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