ESD.260J | Fall 2006 | Graduate

Logistics Systems



Course introduction and objectives

Concepts and approaches to supply chain uncertainty

2 Supply chain fundamentals and segmentation analysis Problem set 1 assigned
3 Demand forecasting I: Time series analysis

4 Demand forecasting II: Causal analysis

5 Demand forecasting III: New product forecasting

Problem set 1 due

Team assignment 1 assigned

6 Demand forecasting IV: Connections to planning and management

7 Inventory management I: Level demand, EOQ, sensitivity Problem set 2 assigned
8 Inventory management II: EOQ extensions, discounts, exchange curves, etc. Team assignment 1 due
9 Inventory management III: Time-varying demand (fixed horizon)

10 Review of probability and statistics using Excel and textbook

Problem set 2 due

Problem set 3 assigned

11 Inventory management IV: Probabilistic demand, safety stock

12 Inventory management V: Backorder costs, implied costs, extensions, A and C items

13 Problem solving session: Probabilistic demand

14 Inventory management VI: Special products — fashion, style, and perishable goods

Problem set 3 due

Team assignment 2 assigned

15 Inventory management VII: MRP and DRP systems

16 Inventory management VIII: Inventory management and optimization in practice

17 Supply chain network design

18 Supply chain contracts Team assignment 2 due
19 Auctions in supply chain management Problem set 4 assigned
20 Transportation I: Fundamental concepts, strategic networks, connection to inventory planning Team assignment 3 assigned
21 Transportation II: Operational network analysis

22 Transportation III: Routing and scheduling approaches and algorithms

23 Transportation IV: Shipper perspective — strategies and approaches for design and management Problem set 4 due
24 Transportation V: Procurement and use of combinatorial auctions

25 Transportation VI: Carrier operations and yield management Team assignment 3 due

Risk pooling strategies and approaches

Putting it all together — what really happens in practice?

27 Final exam