1 Introduction Homework 1 out
2 Systems engineering as a human activity  
3 Student project proposal presentations Project proposal and proposal presentation due
4 Stakeholders and requirements, requirements and management

Homework 1 due

Homework 2 out

5 Innovation in systems engineering Project team formation report due
6 Requirements driven systems design

Homework 2 due

Homework 3 out

7 Critical parameter development and management (guest lecture)  
8 Concept selection/trade space study (guest lecture)  
9 Midterm presentations Midterm project presentation due
10 Experiments (guest lecture)

Homework 3 due

Homework 4 out

11 Robust design I (guest lecture)  
12 Robust design II (guest lecture)  
13 Development verification and validation, reliability, system attributes

Homework 4 due

Homework 5 out

14 Draper systems engineering activities (industry lecture)  
15 Ford hybrid vehicle controls systems engineering (industry lecture)  
16 Team presentations on Toyota safety recall case Homework 5 presentation and report due
17 Toyota quality board (industry lecture)  
18 BMW VP of engineering in North America (industry lecture)  
19 Final project presentations Final project presentation due
20 Final project presentations (cont.)  

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