1 Introduction and objectives  
2 Basic foundations for course emphasizing ways of thinking and biases  
3 Introduction to graphs, networks, hierarchies, and DSM’s  
4 MATLAB® and network representations  
5 Discussion and identification of focus systems; project definition

Assignment 1 due

Project proposal due

6 Basic network metrics and operations  
7 Quantitative network fundamentals  
8 Canonical structures and their organizational implications  
9 Complexity and flexibility Assignment 2 due
10 Constraints  
11 Network observational methods and quantitative metrics  
12 Student presentations on project status Project status update due
13 Random networks  
14 Decomposition methods and modeling framework  
15 Affiliation networks  
16 Technological networks and constraints  
17 Scaling and allometry as constraints  
18 Organizational structures  
19 Advanced models of technological systems  
20 Modeling organizational architecture  
21 Student project reports Quantitative aspects project report due
22 Studies of structure function and dynamics of complex systems  
23 Standards and the practice of complex system architecture, reuse and standards  
24 Role of materials innovation; final presentations Project final presentation due

Project presentations and course wrap-up

Discussion of quality of emerging models and theoretical needs

Final written report due

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