This page presents the homework assignments, plus some winners of the weekly contest for “worst use, misuse or abuse of statistics and probabilistic reasoning in the media.”


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Weekly Contest Winners

Winner 1

  • Original article: “51% of Women are Now Living Without Spouse.” New York Times, January 16, 2007.

  • Critique of the NY Times article: Sowell, Thomas. “Media Skews Numbers in Marriage Statistics.” Pasadena Star News, February 11, 2007.

  • Reply from a NY Times Editor: Calame, Byron. “Can a 15-Year-Old be a ‘Woman Without a Spouse’?” New York Times, February 11, 2007.

Winner 2

  • Original article: Farley, Maggie. “U.S., Britain Fare Poorly in Children Survey.” LA Times, February 15, 2007.
  • Analysis by student ( PDF) (Courtesy of Anonymous. Used with permission.)

Winner 3

  • Original article: Golden, Daniel. “Math Lessons: To Boost Donor Numbers, Colleges Adopt new Tricks.” Wall Street Journal, March 2, 2007.

Winner 4

  • Evaluating police work ( PDF) (Courtesy of Damien Bador. Used with permission.)

Winner 5

  • Original article: Drew, Christopher. “Lower Voter Turnout is Seen in States that Require ID.” New York Times, February 21, 2007.
  • Analysis by student ( PDF) (Courtesy of Anonymous. Used with permission.)

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