Lecture Notes


Introduction and overview (PDF)

3-door problem (PDF)

Prof. Richard C. Larson and Prof. Daniel D. Frey

Analyzing a probability problem (PDF)

Probability mass functions

Prof. Richard C. Larson

Broken stick problem (PDF)

Working in sample space

Prof. Richard C. Larson
4 Pedestrian crossing problem (PDF) Prof. Richard C. Larson
5 Random incidence: A major source of selection bias (PDF) Prof. Richard C. Larson
6 Random incidence and more (PDF) Prof. Richard C. Larson
7 Spatial models (PDF) Prof. Richard C. Larson
8 Markov processes and their application to queueing, part 1 (PDF) Prof. Richard C. Larson
9 Markov processes and their application to queueing, part 2 (PDF) Prof. Richard C. Larson
10 Queueing and transitions: Sampling from distributions, Gauss (PDF) Prof. Richard C. Larson
11 Derived distributions to statistics (PDF) (Courtesy of Aman Chawla. Used with permission.) Aman Chawla (guest lecturer)

The Queue Inference Engine and the psychology of queueing (PDF)

Beyond the physics of queueing (PDF)

Prof. Richard C. Larson
13 The Weibull distribution and parameter estimation (PDF) Prof. Daniel D. Frey
14 Hypothesis testing (PDF) Prof. Daniel D. Frey
15 Descriptive statistics and statistical graphics (PDF - 1.1 MB) Prof. Daniel D. Frey
16 Regression (PDF) Prof. Daniel D. Frey
17 Analysis of variance, with discussion of Bayesian and frequentist statistics (PDF) Prof. Daniel D. Frey
18 Multiple regression (PDF) Prof. Daniel D. Frey

Design of experiments, part 1 (PDF)

Design of experiments, part 2 (PDF)

Prof. Daniel D. Frey
20 Design of computer experiments (PDF) Prof. Daniel D. Frey
21 Closure - Threats to validity of inference Prof. Daniel D. Frey
22 Final presentations 1  
23 Final presentations 2  

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