ESD.932 | Spring 2005 | Graduate

Technology Policy Organizations



Written Assignments

  • Industry Policy Project - Individual Stakeholder Analysis (2-3 page individual paper)

    • Due in session 6
    • Industry Groups: Aerospace, Bio-technology, Water/Gas/Electric Utilities, Health Care, Geospatial, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, or others (selection in first class)
    • You will be able to self-select into an industry group (assuming that there are at least 3 people interested in the industry and no more than 6) and pick a pressing policy challenge in that industry. Then, for this first assignment, you will be assigned a stakeholder role. It will be your responsibility to conduct a detailed assessment of the organizational implications of the selected policy issue from that stakeholder perspective. Be sure to use primary and secondary sources in constructing your analysis. Every person in the group must conduct at least one interview with a person who has a corresponding stakeholder role in real life. It is expected that you will include in the analysis a current state and a future desired state for organizational aspects of the policy issue, as well as “delta state” milestones.
  • Industry Policy Project - Multi-Stakeholder Policy Briefing (4-5 page group paper (3-6 people))

    • Due in session 12 (with presentation slides due at time of prior presentation)
    • All stakeholder groups from a given industry sector will be expected to work together - in class and outside of class - to craft a consensus set of policy recommendations on the issue selected. This should be drafted in the form of a policy white paper that is designed to facilitate any legislation or private policy decisions that are required, with a primary focus on the organizational aspects of the policy issue. Be sure to utilize course concepts in your analysis. This should also be a 4-5 page paper and presentation briefing.

Class Preparatory Work

  • To prepare for lecture on Multinational Organizations:

    • Due in session 5
    • You will be expected to work in your industry groups to work through a simulation module - bringing with your best implementation strategy and results. Be prepared to discuss your choices.
  • To prepare for lecture on Organizational Strategy, Structure and Process; Protocols and Standards:

    • Due in session 8
    • Come to class prepared to discuss the Aston-Blair case in depth. You should be able to answer the following questions, using the readings to back up your analysis:
      1. What are the problems facing Michael Bacon?
      2. How did they evolve?
      3. What actions would you take at the end of the case? Why?

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