Lecture Notes

The notes below were prepared by the instructors as informal personal notes to help guide discussions during classes.

All Lecture Notes in One File (PDF)

1 Introduction; History of Gender in Education (PDF)
2 Boys' Educational Issues (PDF)
3 Course-Taking Patterns; Sex Education (PDF)
4 Title IX (PDF)
5 Standardized Tests (PDF)
6 Single-Sex Schooling (PDF)
7 Classroom Dynamics (PDF)
8 The Feminine Mystique (PDF)
9 Women's Studies (PDF)
10 ESL Studies and Cross-Cultural Issues (PDF)
11 MIT's Journey Towards Diversity (PDF)
12 Opting Out (PDF)
13 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Experiences (PDF)
14 Summary and Conclusions (PDF)