Study Materials

These writing guides are provided to help students in the completion of course assignments. See the syllabus section for more information on course assignments.

Writing Guides

General Guidelines: Clarity and Concision (PDF)
Correction Symbols (PDF)
Commas (PDF)
Transitions (PDF)
Citing Sources (PDF)
Language of Argument: Topic Sentences (PDF)
Analogy (PDF)
Academic Language (PDF)
Fragments (PDF)
Defining a Concept (PDF)
Coordination: Conjunctions (PDF)

Assignment Handouts

Audience (PDF)
Coordination: Practice (PDF)
Coordination and Subordination; Writing Interesting Sentences (PDF)
Writing Conclusions (PDF)
Clarity and Conciseness (PDF)
Citing Sources (PDF)
Eliminating Choppiness (PDF)
Argument: Use of the Conditional (PDF)
Adjective Clause Punctuation (PDF)
Verb tense trouble spots: Tense shifting in narrative (PDF)
"Surrogacy: A Gift, Not a Sale," by Kathy Gianelli (PDF)
Fragments and Run-Together Sentences (RTS) (PDF)
Coordinate conjunctions (PDF)