1 Introductory Remarks, Course Requirements

Introduction to NMR

Classical Model of the NMR Phenomenon

The Bloch Equations
2 Relaxation Mechanisms and Measurement

Proton Relaxation Enhancement

Effects of Magnetic Susceptibility

Introduction to Pulse Sequences
3 Review of Rotating Frame

Spin Echos

Ernst Angle

Off-resonance Effects
Assignment 1 due
4 Image Contrast (T1, T2 Weighting)

Basic NMR Spectroscopy

Chemical Shifts, J-coupling

Basic Pulse Sequences in Uncoupled and Coupled Systems
Assignment 2 due
5 Image Encoding

Fourier Transforms and Properties

Image Resolution - Point Spread Function
6 Review of k-space Formalism

Review of Resolution and Sampling - Nyquist Rate

MR Image Reconstruction

Gradient and RF Waveforms
7 Errors in Imaging (Ghosting) Assignment 3 due

Midterm Quiz
8 MRI Hardware Overview
9 Additional Pulse Sequences

Chemical Shift Imaging and Flow Imaging Techniques

2-D and 3-D CSI

Time of Flight and Phase Contrast Flow Imaging
10 Guest Lecturer - Van Wedeen, PhD

Diffusion-weighted MR Techniques
11 Parallel Imaging

MR Encoding Matrix Formalism

Multiple Coil Formalism

Assignment 4 due
12 Guest Lecturer - Alan Jasanoff, PhD

Molecular Imaging Techniques

Guest Lecturer - Elfar Adalsteinsson, PhD

Advanced Image Reconstruction
13 Guest Lecturer - Robert Savoy, PhD

Introduction to fMRI and Experiment Design
Assignment 5 due
14 Class Presentations Final Project due