As part of the CI-H subject requirements, there will be a total of 20 pages of written assignments in class. The written assignments will be divided into 2 reaction / reflection papers, 5 pages each. In addition there will be a 10–12 page final research paper.

Papers should be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman 12, and follow the Chicago Manual of Style instructions for footnotes, bibliography etc.

Reaction / Reflection Papers

The reaction / reflection papers will be based on readings, lectures, class discussion, and movies discussed during the course, and may address a specific question assigned by the professor. Their goal is to allow the students to reflect critically on what they have read and discussed during the different sessions.

Final Research Paper

The 10–12 page research paper must describe and analyze some aspect of the contemporary Middle East. It may focus on a specific individual or event, the history of an idea, significant work, etc. To the greatest extent possible, it should be based on primary sources. A topic proposal is due during Week 7. The proposal should consist of the statement of the topic you intend to investigate, a preliminary outline, a list of the major sources you will use. It does not need to be longer than a page and must be approved by me in advance. The final paper is due a week after the last class.