1 Introduction: The History of Renaissance History
2 Geography, Demography, Global Trade, 1300-1600
3 The World of the Peasantry ca. 1300
4 The Black Death Map quiz
5 The Discarded Image First paper due
6 The Beginnings of Humanism in Fourteenth-Century Italy
7 Petrarch Second paper due
8 Civic Humanism in Early Fifteenth-Century Italy and Beyond
9 Art and Culture in Fifteenth-Century Italy Third paper due
10 A Visit to the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University Fourth paper due
11 Burgundy and Late Medieval Politics in the North
12 The New Monarchies and The Invasion of Italy
13 Politics Reinvented
14 Christian Humanism in the North
15 Martin Luther and the Protestant Challenge
16 The Age of Reformations Fifth paper due
17 Sixteenth-Century Peasants I
18 Sixteenth-Century Peasants II Sixth paper due
19 1543: The Copernican Revolution
20 1543: The Vesalian Revolution Visit to Dibner library
21 Individual Consultations with Instructor
22 Review
23 Portuguese Expansion Long paper due
24 Spanish Exploration
25 Spanish Conquest
26 Conclusion: The Future of the Renaissance