This class contains three three-page papers and one larger, final project.

Requirements for the First Three Papers

  1. Please write a three-page paper in response to ONE of the topics below. The text should be double-spaced.

  2. Your paper must be computer-processed. Please give your paper a title, and write your name on the back of the last page. Do not write your name elsewhere on the paper. All pages should be numbered.

  3. Citations to texts read in this course should be made in parentheses in your paper. For example, if you refer to a passage on page 13 of Beik's Louis XIV and Absolutism, indicate this in the following manner at the end of your sentence, after the period: (Beik, 13). You do not need to consult any sources other than our required readings for this paper.

Example: Madame Pernelle is not always receptive to her daughter-in-law's attempts at appeasing her. She scolds her and claims that she cannot "endure [her] carryings-on." (Molière, 1)

The requirements for the final are different than the other assignments. See the explanation of the final assignment.

First paper 8th class session
Second paper 13th class session
Third paper 20th class session
Final paper 26th (final) class session