France, 1660-1815: Enlightenment, Revolution, Napoleon

A painting of Napolean Boneparte after he ascended the French throne. In it, he is wearing furs, red, white, and golden robes, and a golden laurel wreath around his head.

A painting of Napoléon Bonaparte after he ascended the French throne. (Napoleon on His Imperial Throne, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, 1806.)


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Spring 2011



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This course covers French politics, culture, and society from Louis XIV to Napoleon Bonaparte. Attention is given to the growth of the central state, the beginnings of a modern consumer society, the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, including its origins, and the rise and fall of Napoleon.

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Jeffrey Ravel. 21H.346 France, 1660-1815: Enlightenment, Revolution, Napoleon. Spring 2011. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare, License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

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