Lecture Images

4 The Theory and Practice of Absolutism under Louis XIV Images of Louis XVI (PDF)
7 Tartuffe II

17th Century Theaters (PDF)

The Would Be Commoner (PDF)

12 Mahomet I Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Engravings of Scenes from Voltaire's Mahomet (PDF)
15 Popular Culture and Politics II: Theater and Song Fair and Boulevard Theaters in Eighteenth-Century Paris (PDF)
16 1789: The Abolition of Feudalism and the Rights of Man The Principles of 1789 (PDF)
17 The Revolution and Religion Religion & the French Revolution (PDF)
18 Slavery, Feminism, and the Revolution The Haitian Revolution (PDF)
21 Napoleon, the Politician and Legislator

France 1795-1804: From Parliamentary Democracy to Empire (PDF)

The Revolutionary Art of David & Ingres, 1785-1812 (PDF)