Map Activities

For sessions 1 and 3, students are asked to complete the following map activities:

Session 1 Rethinking Schools: Map Game

Session 3 McGraw-Hill: Interactive Map Quiz

Discussion Questions

Starting from session 4, students will post a discussion question on the class website. Each week, discussion questions are only required for the second class of the week. Questions must be posted by 10pm the night before class. Students are to come to class having read their classmates' entries. A crucial part of learning is learning how to ask good questions. Yes, there are bad questions and good questions, and I am here to help you learn how to ask good ones.

These questions are meant to stimulate discussion, intellectual curiosity, and engagement. They will be graded (10 questions totaling to the 30% of your grade). Please avoid factual questions. The length of the question may vary but cannot exceed two paragraphs. Let your imagination and analytical capabilities shine. What did the readings stimulate in your brain? Can you relate to them in your personal life one way or another? Help us find and solve puzzles. We are all looking for brain satisfaction.

"You are the Me" Day

During the semester each student will once take the role of the instructor, introduce the topic to the class, and facilitate discussion. Consider this as role playing. Come prepared. The presenter will not have to post a discussion question for that week. The instructor—the student for a day—will instead.

Final Paper

There is no final exam but a final research or historiographical paper of approximately 20 pages. Students should start thinking about their topics early on. We will discuss possible topics in class. Draft of the paper due session 16: by then the paper should have a tentative title, an outline, a hypothesis or argument, and a selected bibliography. Final papers are due the week following the last session via email to the instructor. Late submission will result in lowering of grades.