1–2 Introduction and Dhimmi-tude  
3–4 Ottoman Basics  
5 Becoming and Maintaining Empire  
6 The Conquest of Arab Lands  
7 Legal Pluralism  
8–9 Early Modern Gender and Religion  
10 19th Century Disruption  
11 Reform Era  
12 The Armenian Genocide and the Historical Background Documentary: The Armenian Genocide Directed (Andrew Goldberg, 50 min.)
13 WWI, the Armenian Genocide, the Arab Lands  
14 Ethnic Pluralism in Early Turkish Republic I Documentary: Mustapha Kemal Ataturk: The Birth of A Republic (52 min)
15 Ethnic Pluralism in Early Turkish Republic II  
16–17 The Question of Cosmopolitanism Film selections: Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul (Fatih Akin, 2005, 90 min.)

Final Paper draft due session 16.

18 Ethnic Pluralism in Egypt Film selections: Four Women of Egypt (1997) by Tahani Rached. 89 min
19–20 Ethnic Pluralism in Israel I (Past) Selections from the Film: Forbidden Marriages in the Holy Land by Michel Khleifi, 1995 (66 min)
21–22 Ethnic Pluralism in Israel II (Present) Film selections: Forget Baghdad: Jews and Arabs- The Iraqi Connection by Samir. 2002, 111 min. (Session 22)
23–24 Conclusions and Discussions of Student Papers The final paper is due ten days after the final class.