Sample Student Work

The Great Cat Massacre (PDF)

The Return of Martin Guerre (PDF)

The Unredeemd Captive (PDF)

Response to One Quarter of Humanity (PDF)

Response to The Ecological Indian (PDF)

Fertility, Marriage and Culture (PDF)

The Discarded Image (PDF)

A Brief History of Extinction (PDF)

One Quarter of Humanity (PDF)

Food Obsession (PDF)

Middle Ages, Middle America (PDF)

C. S. Lewis and J. J. R. Tolkien (PDF)

The Ecological Indian (PDF)

One Quarter of Humanity (PDF)

The Coachman's Bare Rump and Other Works from the MIT Faculty (PDF)

The Mediterranean (PDF)

Telling the Truth About History (PDF)

Response Paper 9 (PDF)

Response Paper 5 (PDF)