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Human Reproductive Biology


Primary literature references for required readings are correlated with syllabus topics below. A bibliography of optional readings is also listed by topic.

Required Readings


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Fetal Monitoring

Armour, K. “Using Surveillance to Improve Maternal and Fetal Outcomes.” AWHONN Lifelines 8: 232-240.

Hormonal and Non-hormonal Contraception

Supplement Article: J AIDS 38 (2005): S1-S23.

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Menstrual Cycle

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Non-Hormonal Contraception

Wilkinson, D., M. Tholandi, G. Ramjee, and G. W. Rutherford. “Nonoynol-9 Spermicide for Prevention of Vaginally Acquired HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials Including more than 5000 Women.” Lancet 2 (2002): 613-617.


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Prenatal Screening

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Rh isoimmunization

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Sex Differentiation

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Termination of Pregnancy

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Trophoblastic Disease

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Uterine Physiology

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Optional Readings

Eggs and Sperm

Surani, M. A. “Stem Cells: How to Make Eggs and Sperm.” Nature 427, no. 6970 (January 8, 2004): 106-7.

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Germ Cells

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Primordial Germ Cells

McLaren, A. “Primordial Germ Cells in the Mouse.” Dev Biol 262, no. 1 (October 1, 2003): 1-15.

Refusing Emergency Contraception

Cantor, J., and K. Baum. “The Limits of Conscientious Objection–may Pharmacists Refuse to Fill Prescriptions for Emergency Contraception?” N Engl J Med 351, no. 19 (November 4, 2004): 2008-12.

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