HST.176 | Fall 2005 | Graduate

Cellular and Molecular Immunology

Lecture Notes

A selection of downloadable lecture notes from both the Fall 2005 and Fall 2002 versions of this course are available below:

Fall 2005

1 Overview - Dr. Shiv Pillai
2 Cells of the Immune System - Dr. Shiv Pillai (PDF)
3 Lymphocyte Homing - Dr. Ulrich von Andrian (PDF)
4 Case Presentations at MGH
5 Antibodies and Antigens - Dr. Shiv Pillai (PDF)

Analyzing a Clinical Case - Dr. Bobby Cherayil

6 Antigen Receptors and the Generation of Diversity - Dr. Shiv Pillai (PDF)
7 Case Presentations at MGH
8 B Lymphocyte Development and Activation - Dr. Shiv Pillai (PDF)
9 Tutorial Session I

Antibody Dependent Protection - Dr. Shiv Pillai

10 Antigen Presentation - Dr. Hidde Ploegh (PDF)
11 Tutorial Session II

T Lymphocyte Development - Dr. Shiv Pillai (PDF)

12 Tutorial Session III

Signal Transduction in Lymphocytes I - Dr. Shiv Pillai

13 Cell Mediated Immunity - Dr. Andrew Lichtman (PDF)
14 Tutorial Session IV

Signal Transduction in Lymphocytes II - Dr. Shiv Pillai

15 Paper Discussion 1
  Midterm Exam
16 Dendritic Cells - Dr. Shannon Turley

Frontiers: Costimulation - Dr. Arlene Sharpe (PDF)

17 Paper Discussion 2
18 Memory and Death - Dr. Shiv Pillai (PDF)

Immunology of TB - Dr. Samuel M. Behar

19 Tutorial Session V

Immune Mediated Injury - Dr. Richard Mitchell

20 Asthma and Allergy - Dr. Dale T. Umetsu

Frontiers: DC and Innate Immunity - Dr. Nir Harcohen

21 Multiple Sclerosis - Dr. David Hafler

Frontiers: Autoimmune TCRs - Dr. Kai Wucherpfennig

22 Paper Discussion 3
23 Leukemias and Lymphomas - Dr. Jon C. Aster

CD1 and Lipid Antigens - Dr. Richard S. Blumberg

24 Tutorial Session VI

Transplantation Immunology - Dr. Hugh Auchincloss

25 Immunology of HIV/AIDS - Dr. Bruce Walker

Frontiers: Genetic Instability and Cancer - Dr. Frederick W. Alt

26 Regulatory T Cells - Dr. Diane Mathis

Bone Marrow Transplant - Dr. Megan Sykes

27 Tutorial Session VII

Tumor Immunology - Dr. Andrew Lichtman (PDF)

28 Paper Discussion 4
29 Regulating Humoral Autoimmunity - Dr. Shiv Pillai

Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Dr. Ramnik Xavier

30 Immunodeficiency Disorders - Dr. Francisco Bonilla
31 RA and Lupus - Dr. Paul Anderson
32 Genetic Susceptibility to Disease - Dr. Shiv Pillai (PDF)
  Final Exam

Fall 2002

Overview Lecture Notes (PDF)

Handout (PDF)

Cells of Immune System and Innate Immunity Lecture Notes (PDF)

Handout (PDF)


Antibody-dependent Protection Mechanisms

Lecture Notes (PDF) and (PDF)

Handouts (PDF 1) and (PDF 2)

Antigen Receptors and Development of Diversity

T Lymphocyte Development

Handout (for Antigen Receptors) (PDF)

Handout (for T Lymphocyte Development) (PDF)

B Lymphocyte Dev and Activation Handout (PDF)
Cell-mediated Immunity Handout (PDF)
Lymphocyte Homing Lecture Notes (PDF)
MHC/Antigen Presentation Lecture Notes (PDF)
A Bloody Glove - Tutorial

Lymphocyte Activation, Cytokines, Costim

Handout (PDF)
Transplantation Immunology

Presentations 7 and 8: Chronic Granulomatous/MS

Lecture Notes (PDF)
Immunology of HIV Disease Lecture Notes (PDF)

Presentation 9: Lymphoprolif Syndrome

Lecture Notes (PDF)
Memory and Death in Immune System

IgE System and Immediate Type Hypersens

Lecture Notes (PDF)

Handout (PDF)

Tumor Immunity Handout (PDF)
Immunodeficiency Syndromes/Review Lecture Notes (PDF)

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