This spring term course is designed for graduate (or advanced undergraduate) students and research scientists with an interest in how nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques can be used to provide information of value to biological scientists and physicians. The course will introduce basic NMR theory, including spectroscopic and relaxation phenomena. Examples of biochemical data obtained using NMR will be summarized, along with other, related experiments. The course will then focus on imaging with NMR, and include discussions of basic cross sectional image reconstruction, image contrast, flow and real time imaging, and microscopy.

Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 1 session / week, 3 hours / session

Course Requirements

Midterm Quiz 30%
Weekly Problem Sets 60%
Class Presentation 10%


Lecture notes, journal articles and book chapters will be handed out in class to supplement the class lectures.

Course Info
Learning Resource Types
assignment_turned_in Problem Sets with Solutions
grading Exams with Solutions
group_work Projects with Examples