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The following table combines material from the Spring 2011 offering (course number HST.184) and Spring 2012 offering (course number HST.S14), sequenced in a way the instructors feel makes sense for OCW users. The 2011 class emphasized lectures by guest speakers, whereas the 2012 class focused on case studies and mentored projects. The lecture videos are all from Spring 2011.

Lecture materials (slides, video and audio) are courtesy of the lecturers and used with permission.

Module I: Setting the Stage for eHealth
1 Translational research and advocacy: New paradigms for equity Joia Mukherjee (Partners in Health) Video 1 & slides: Translational Research and Advocacy 2011    
Lec 1
2 Design and impact of health information systems in developing countries Hamish Fraser (Partners in Health, Harvard Medical School) Video 2 & slides: Design and Impact of Health Information Systems 2011    
Lec 2
3 Overview of quality improvement Leo Celi (MIT, Sana) Video 3 & slides: Overview of Quality Improvement 2011    
Lec 3
4 Project mentor presentations Trishan Panch (Sana), Ikaro Silva (MIT, Sana), Freeman Changamire (Tufts University)

Health Information Systems for Maternal Health in Zimbabwe (PDF) by Freeman Changamire, MD, ScD

Medical Benefits of Cellphone Ultrasound Technology in Low Resource Settings (PDF) by Ainhoa Costas, James Friedman, and Ketan Sharma

A Call for Safe Post-Operative Surgical Care (PDF) by Lars Hagander

Visualization and Data Analysis: Healthcare Needs of Rural Clinics in Malawi (PDF) by Rohit Joshi, Selene Mota, Alex Olwal

Hearing Loss Screening Through Cell Phones (PDF) by Marzyeh Ghassemi, Ikaro Silva, Ana Guerreiro, and Lauren Scanlon

Maternal Concept Lab (PDF) by Jonathan Payne

Sana + eHealthpoints (PDF) by Trishan Panch

Lec 1
Module II: Designing Health Information Systems
5 Sana development workshop: Android client and OpenMRS development Eric Winkler (Sana)

Sana Android Client and OpenMRS (PDF)

Android Client Development Introduction (PDF)

Data Model (PDF)

Dispatch Layer (PDF)

Procedure Declaration Using Mark Up Language (PDF)

Systems and Scalability (PDF)

Lec 2
6 Operations management at the front lines Martin Were (Indiana University) Video 4 & slides: Case Studies in East Africa 2011    
Lec 4
7 Process improvement theory and application Brandon Bennett (Institute for Healthcare Improvement) Video 5 & slides: Process Improvement Theory and Application 2011    
Lec 5
8 Case study: Designing a diabetes screening project in Punjab Trishan Panch (Sana) Lecture slides (PDF - 4.9MB) 2012    
Lec 3
9 Case study: Wireless labor monitoring for developing settings: From idea to prototype to testing and beyond Jessica Haberer (Massachusetts General Hospital) Lecture slides (PDF) 2012    
Lec 4
10 Development of standard terminology for global maternal and child health Jonathan Payne (Partners in Health) Lecture slides (PDF) 2012    
Lec 5
11 Smart software design for healthcare: unbiased signals, open and affordable technology for resource-constrained healthcare Gari D. Clifford (University of Oxford) Lecture slides (PDF) 2012    
Lec 6
Module III: Creating a Culture of Quality in Health Care
12 Innovation and adoption of new practices Jonathan Jackson (Dimagi) Video 6 & slides: Innovation and Adoption of New Practices 2011    
Lec 7
13 Checklists: Quality improvement in developing countries Priya Agrawal and Alvin Kwok (World Health Organization, Harvard School of Public Health) Video 7 & slides: WHO Safe Surgery and Safe Childbirth Checklists 2011    
Lec 8
14 Evaluating process and outcome metrics in the context of quality Lisa Hirschhorn (Harvard Medical School) Video 8 & slides: What is Quality and Why Should We Measure It? 2011    
Lec 9
15 Evaluating process and outcome metrics: Patient safety Pedro Delgado (Institute for Healthcare Improvement) Video 9 & slides: Patient Safety in Resource-Poor Settings 2011    
Lec 10
16 Organizational change: Positive deviance Jessica Haberer (Massachusetts General Hospital) Video 10 & slides: Organizational Change: Positive Deviance 2011    
Lec 11
17 Case study: Neri Clinics: Primary care in the developing world Patrick McSharry (Neri Clinics) Lecture slides (PDF - 3.7MB) 2012    
Lec 9
18 Organizational change: Lean sigma Andrew Kanter (Millenium Villages Project) Video 11 & slides: The Millenium Global Village-Network 2011    
Lec 13
19 Collaborative change and wrap-up Chaitali Sinha (IDRC) Video 12 & slides: A Perspective on Monitoring and Evaluation 2011    
Lec 14
20 Student final project presentations Students See Projects page 2012    
Lec 10
21 Health system design: Lessons from Rwanda and Haiti Paul Farmer (Partners in Health)

Audio 13: Health System Design, Lessons from Rwanda and Haiti

Lecture slides (PDF - 4.3MB)

Lec 11

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