Each student gave a text presentation that was scheduled throughout the semester.

I. Egoism
1 Egoism  
2 Egoism: empirical and quasi-empirical issues  
II. Beliefs, desires, and intentions
3 Belief/desire psychology and the Humean theory of motivation  
4 Bratman on intention Paper 1 out
III. Reducing intentions
5 Velleman on intention Paper 1 due
IV. Akrasia and weakness of will
6 Akrasia  
7 Akrasia and desire  
V. Strength of will
8 Strength of will: descriptive issues  
9 Strength of will: normative issues Revision of paper 1 out
VI. Addiction
10 Addiction I  
11 Addiction II Revision of paper 1 due
VII. Free will I
12 Free will I Paper 2 out
13 Free will II Paper 2 due
VIII. Free will II
14 Free will IV: libertarianism  
15 Free will III: Strawson  
IX. Free will III

Free will VI: empirical work

Free will V: choice

Revision of paper 2 out
X. Identification and autonomy
17 Identification  
18 Self-determination theory Revision of paper 2 due
XI. Self-Deception
19 Self-deception  
XII. Moral psychology I: what could empirical work tell us about morality?
20 The metaethical implications of empirical work  
21 Moral judgment and motivation  
XIII. Moral psychology II
22 Autism and sociopathy Paper 3 out
23 Moral luck and the Knobe effect Paper 3 due
XIV. Moral psychology III
24 Virtue and character  
25 Determinism and moral motivation