Required Readings

Cohen, S. Marc, Patricia Curd, and C. D. C. Reeve., eds. Readings in Ancient Greek Philosophy from Thales to Aristotle. Indianapolis, IN: Hackett, 1995. ISBN: 0872203131. [RAGP]

Carus, Titus Lucretius. On the Nature of the Universe. Translated by Ronald Latham. New York, NY: Penguin Books, 1951. [ONU]

Recommended Readings

Shields, Christopher., ed. The Blackwell Guide to Ancient Philosophy. Oxford, UK: Blackwell Publishing, 2003. ISBN: 0631222146.

The Lucretius is available on the web. If you'd prefer to have a hard copy, you may order them yourself on the web or by contacting the instructor. Additional texts will be handed out in class or available on the server, as needed. The course will be focused on primary sources. Secondary sources will be assigned in class when appropriate.

In many cases, complete versions of the texts can be found through Project Gutenberg, although these translations may differ from those used in the course.

2Socrates and the SophistsIntroduction to RAGP

3Socrates and the LawCrito
4Socratic MethodEuthyphro
5Knowledge and LearningMeno
6Prudential ParadoxMeno
7Immortality and the SoulPhaedo
8Introduction of the FormsPhaedo

Symposium (201d-212c)
9Why Be Moral?Republic I-IV, especially II, III: 412c-417b
10Justice in the CityRepublic IV: 427d-445e
11Justice in the SoulRepublic V-VII, especially V: 449a-468, 471c-480a
12Theory of FormsRepublic VI: 502d-511

Republic VII: 514a-525
13Happiness, Liberty, and Social EngineeringRepublic X
14Aristotle on PlatoRAGP, pp. 473-482

Categories 1-5
15Matter and FormPhysics I: 7-9, II

Parts of Animals I: 1, 5
16Essence, GodMetaphysics VII: 1-4; VIII: 1-2; XII: 6-9
17On the SoulDe Anima II: 1-3
18Perception, UnderstandingDe Anima II: 5, 12; III: 4-5

Posterior Analytics I-III
19HappinessNichomachean Ethics I-II
20VirtueNichomachean Ethics III
21Weakness of WillNichomachean Ethics VII
22FriendshipNichomachean Ethics VIII
23ContemplationNichomachean Ethics X
24Epicurean AtomismSelections from Epicurus TBA

Lucretius, ONU, Chapter 1-2
25Epicurean MoralitySelections from Epicurus TBA

Lucretius, ONU, Chapter 3 (pp. 96-121)
26DeathLucretius, ONU, Chapter 3 (pp. 121-29)