I. What, if anything, is race?
2A Tiny Slice of the History of the Concept of Race 
3"Our" Concept of RaceResponse paper due

Race Eliminativism

Screening: RACE - The Power of an Illusion, Ep. 1: The Difference Between Us. Directed by Christine Herbes-Sommers. Color, 57 min. 2003.

5Appiah and the Meaning of ‘Race’Response paper due
6Race and Medicine 
7Race and EthnicityResponse paper due
8Kinds of Social ConstructionResponse paper due
10Race and the Construction of Social IdentityResponse paper due
11Gender and Race ConstructionsResponse paper due
12Racial Identities 
13Latina/o Identity and Race 
14Midterm ReflectionProject proposal due
16Are Arabs a Race?Response paper due
II. Racism
17Extrinsic, Intrinsic & Cultural Racisms 
18Racism in the HeartResponse paper due
19Oppression and Institutional RacismResponse paper due
20Equality and Social Justice 
21Equality and RespectResponse paper due
22Inter-culturation, Cultural Appropriation, and Commodity FetishismDraft of final paper due
23Screening: Free Angela and All Political Prisoners. Directed by Shola Lynch. Color, 102 min. 2012.
24Racial Profiling 


Note: This session was taught by guest lecturer Jerome Hodges

26The Case for Reparations 
27Short Student PresentationsFinal paper due