1 From Words to Phrases
The Big Picture: Three Examples

The Cinque Hierarchy

Greenberg Universals

Parameters (wh-movement)


2 Constituent Structure and Tests for Constituent Structure

Sentence Fragments, Movement, Ellipsis, Anaphora as Tests for Constituency

X-bar Theory: Heads


Complements and Modifiers


3 The 'Sisterhood Condition on Selection', and Some Consequences

Implications for Acquisition

Modification of the Sisterhood Condition gives the Notion "Head"

CP and IP

Apparent Deviations from the Sisterhood Condition due to Movement. "Scrambling" in Japanese

Assignment #1 Due

4 The Architecture of the Grammar

The Rule Move: Scrambling in Japanese

What's Universal? The UTAH Condition on Thematic Role Assignment

Assignment #2 Due

5 Head Movement

Apparent Deviations from the Sisterhood Condition in Verb-second languages (German, Dutch, Swedish, Vata...)

Verb Movement to I in French

VSO Languages (Irish, Welsh...) and the VP-internal Subject

Assignment #3 Due

6 The English Verb System

Assignment #4 Due

7 Case Theory

Morphological Case Systems

Case Theory and the Distribution of Complements

Assignment #5 Due


DP vs. Non-DP; V&P vs. N&A

English as a Case Language!

9 A-Movement

Passive Sentences and Raising to Subject

Passive in the Clause and in NP

Long-distance Passive vs. Control (PRO)

Subject Control vs. Object Control



Assignment #6 Due (Two days after Lec #9)



The 1-Advancement Exclusiveness Law
Ne-cliticization in Italian and Other Tests for Unaccusativity


11 How Well Can We Predict Unaccusativity from Lexical Semantics?

Assignment #7 Due

12 Coreference and Constituent Structure

Principle A, Principle B, Principle C

Coreference, Binding and Disjoint Reference

Governing Category

Long-distance Reflexives in Dutch and Chinese


13 Binding vs. Coreference

Binding and Coreference in Language Acquisition and Language Disorders


14 Is it Real? Assignment #9 Due
15 A-Bar Movement

Wh-movement as Movement to Spec, CP

I-to-C Movement and Wh-movement in Questions and Relative Clauses.

16 Wh-phrases

Doubly-Filled Comp filter

Relative Clauses

The Model of Grammar: "Superiority Effects" and "Tucking In".

Assignment #10 Due
17 Island Phenomena; the "Subjacency Condition"




The Condition on Extraction Domains (CED) Incorporation (Mohawk, Chichewa, Southern Tiwa)

Assignment #11 Due


Covert Movement and "Logical Form"

WH-movement in Japanese/Chinese-type Languages. Adjuncts vs. Arguments. Covert Movement


Squib Due (Two days after Lec # 19)


Ellipsis and Quantifier Raising

Quantifier Raising, VP-ellipsis, Antecedent-Contained Deletion



The Architecture of the Grammar

The "Minimalist Program"