Lecture Notes

1-2 What is pragmatics? (PDF)
3-4 Embedded implicatures (PDF)
5 More on implicatures (PDF)
6 Implicatures and contradictions (PDF)
7 Back to disjunction (PDF)
8 Implicatures and common knowledge (PDF)
Questions and exhaustivity
9 Questions and pragmatics (PDF)
10 More on questions and exhaustivity (PDF)
11 Gajewski on demand (PDF)
12 Too many alternatives: Density, symmetry, and other predicaments (PDF)
13 Kratzer on "exclusive questions" part 1 (PDF)
14 Kratzer part 2 (PDF)
15 Notes on presupposition (PDF)
16 Presupposition (cont.) (PDF)
17 Schlenker (PDF)
18 Florian Schwarz: "Processing presupposed content" and beyond (PDF)
19 Provisio problem (PDF)