week # TOPICS assignments
1 Introduction: Writing Simple Perl Programs Grapheme to Phoneme Conversion (PDF)
2 What is Learning?

Basic Terms and Concepts
Learning Rule Orderings (PDF)
3 Learning Models (for Phonology) Calculating Phonotactic Probability (PDF)

Related Files

Baayen, Piepenbrock, and van Rijn. "The CELEX Lexical Data Base on CD-ROM." Linguistic Data Consortium. Philadelphia: PA, 1993.

Exp1-High.txt (TXT)
Exp1-Low.txt (TXT)
Exp3-High.txt (TXT)
Exp3-Low.txt (TXT)
AlbrightHayes.txt (TXT)
4 Calculating Statistical Generalizations Phonotactic Probability (cont.) (PDF)

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AlbrightHayes.txt (TXT)
5 Statistical Models (cont.)  
6 Learning OT Grammars - Introduction Understanding Recursive Constraint Demotion (PDF)

Related Files (PL)
RCD-Readme.txt (TXT)
7 Learning in OT (cont.) - Ranking Biases The azba Language (PDF)

Related Files (PL) (PL)
8 Learning in OT (cont.) -
Reasoning about Rankings
Comparing Ranking Algorithms (PDF)
9 Learning in OT (cont.) - Stochastic Constraint Ranking  
10 Learning in OT (cont.)  
11 Learning Alternations  
12 Learning Alternations (cont.)