Topics in Phonology: Phonetic Realization

Top of trapezoid, divided into onset, target, center, release.

Gestural coordination in an optimality theory framework, as illustrated by Gafos. (Image by MIT OpenCourseWare. Adapted from Gafos, Adamantios I. "A Grammar of Gestural Coordination." Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 20 (2002): 269-337.)


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Fall 2006



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Course Description

Many details of phonetic realization cannot be predicted from standard phonological representations on a language-independent basis, so phonetic realization must be specified in grammar. In this seminar we will investigate phonetic realization as a component of grammar.

The basic questions that we will address are:

  • What is the form of the phonetic realization component?
  • What is its relationship to phonology?

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