1 Introduction: Orality and Literacy
2 Epic Conventions Quiz 1

Reader response 1
3 Stories within Stories: The Social Functions of Storytelling
4 Myths of Self and Society: Fates and Fatalism
5 Conflict Resolution
6 Genre and Ideology I: The Tragic Arc Quiz 2
7 Approaches to History: Methods and Materials Reader response 2
8 Genre and Ideology II: The Tragic View of History
9 Formalist Approaches to Narrative
10 Character Functions in Adventure Narratives Reader response 3
11 Narrative Perspective and the Categories of Time and Space
12 Perspective and the Novelty of the Novel Reader response 4
13 Mediation and the Triangulated Subject
14 Character Development and the Accumulation of Experience
15 Realism, Sentiment, and the Epistolary Novel Reader response 5
16 Experience, Experiments, and Enlightenment Epistemology
17 The Enlightened Subject
18 Novels of Manners, Novels of Morals: The Bildungsroman
19 Psychology in Gothic Horror and Detective Fiction
20 Psychoanalytic Archetypes and Fairy-Tales
21 Film Screening I First draft of final paper due
22 Surrealism and the Subject of Psychoanalysis
23 Film Screening II
24 Modernist Ideology: Capitalist Alienation and Class Consciousness
25 Film Screening III
26 Late Capitalism, Pastiche, and Post-Modernism Final paper due
27 Narrative and New Media