Assignment Requirements

Written work should be handed in at the beginning of class on the day assigned. Text should be double-spaced with standard margins (1.25" each side) and font size (12 pt) It should include a title, and should supply a Works Cited page (if appropriate), quotations, and citations.

Each student will choose a topic and prepare a ten-minute oral presentation to the class. The report should include a brief handout with pertinent information, discussion questions, and a bibliography of authoritative sources. After the in-class presentation, each student will submit a brief (2-page) version of the talk with correct bibliography and a statement of how the material relates to themes in the text under discussion. Each report will be graded on the quality of the information and sources, the effectiveness of delivery and discussion questions, and the correct use of bibliographical format.

Essay 1 (5 pages)

Critical reading of a theme in one of the authors read so far. Focus on a specific passage or episode for your reading.

Essay 2 (5 pages)

A memoir of your own. Keep your scope narrow, with attention to details. Show what you've learned about the memoir in this class. You may also have the option of a second critical essay, if you prefer.