In addition to the take home exams, students are required to give one to two oral reports in class. Below are links for each class session that students may use to prepare their reports. They are suggested links, not the only sites that may be used.

Antigua, British Colonies in West Indies, Slave Trade, Sugar Plantations Antigua and Barbuda's History and Culture

The Slave Trade

The Anti-Slavery Campaign in Britain
The Ha-ha, Landscape Design in 18th Cent.

The Picturesque

Humphry Repton
Horace Walpole's essay On Modern Gardening: The Ha Ha

Landscape Gardening Glossary

Question and Answers: Ha Ha

Garden Design
Epistolary Novel, Epistolary Fiction, Novel in Letters, etc. Epistolary Novel

Dangerous Liaisons: About Letters

Wikipedia Article: Epistolary Novel
The Brontë Family Haworth - Bronte Country

The Irish Famine
Medieval British Towns

Interpreting The Irish Famine, 1846-1850

The Peel Web: The Irish Famine: 1845-9
The Gothic in Fiction

Northanger Abbey and the Place of the Gothic
The Gothic Experience

Northanger Abbey (See chapters 24-25)
Revenge Tragedy Revenge Tragedy (Encyclopædia Britannica)
Mini-biography of Dickens Dickens: a brief biography

A Dickens chronology

Charles Dickens biography
Serial publication of Dickens's novels

Household Words and All the Year Round (Magazines)
Dickens: Life and Career

Dickens and the Victorian Serial Novel
Walter Scott, Historical Novel Sir Walter Scott

Historical Novel (British), 1814

Scott the Novelist
French Revolution, Reign of Terror, Britain's Relationship to This British Newspaper Coverage of the French Revolution

Reign of Terror

Reign of Terror: The Terror

The French Revolution: The Reign of Terror


Napoleonic Wars
Dickens and Wilkie Collins

The Frozen Deep (esp. Dramatic Version)

The Franklin Expedition
The Frozen Deep

The Frozen Deep - Dramatic Version

The Fate of Franklin

The Franklin Expedition: 1845-1859
Mini-biography of Eliot George Eliot (1819-1880)

George Eliot: biography
Eliot's Essay "The Natural History of German Life" George Eliot (Excerpts)
Darwin and Literature

Herbert Spencer
Darwin and Darwinism in Victorian Literature

Implementation in the Literature Classroom: Darwin as Synecdoche

Herbert Spencer (1820-1903)

Herbert Spencer (1820-1903): The Victorian Web, Literature, History, and Culture in the Age of Victoria
Thomas à Kempis, The Imitation of Christ Thomas à Kempis

Imitation of Christ
Bridgewater Treatises, Buckland's Treatise Bridgewater Treatises

The Bridgewater Treatises On the Power Wisdom and Goodness of God As Manifested in the Creation

Canon of Christ Church

William Buckland (1784-1856) Geologist
Mini-biography of Joyce James Joyce: a brief biographical chronology

James Augustine Aloysius Joyce (1882-1941)
Charles Stewart Parnell Charles Stewart Parnell

Who was Charles Stewart Parnell?
The Epiphany (in Christian Theology; As used by Joyce) Epiphany

4 Entries Found for Epiphany

James Joyce: Definition of Epiphany

Joyce's Epiphany

James Joyce's Concept of "Epiphanies"

James Joyce and 'Epiphany'
Myth of Daedalus and Icarus The Myth of Daedalus and Icarus

Daedalus in Greek Mythology
Celtic Revival, Irish Literary Revival, Abbey Theater The Irish Literary Revival

Irish Literary Renaissance

Revival of Nationalism

Post-colonial Literatures

Postcolonial Era

The Empire Writes Back: Theory and Practice in Post-Colonial Literatures

Amritsar Massacre The Amritsar Massacre (From the Encyclopedia Brittanica)

Amritsar Massacre
Independence and Partition of India Modern History Sourcebook: Jawaharlal Nehru (1889-1964): Speech On the Granting of Indian Independence, August 14, 1947
Indo-Pak Wars (India-Pakistan Wars) India-Pakistan Wars

India Pakistan Wars - A Summary Essay Partition of India

India-Pakistan Wars, 1947
Indira Gandhi; her administrations Indira Gandhi, at a glance

Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi biography

Mill Quotations for Eliot (PDF)